My word is circulation and I chose to display my photos in a cyclical fashion. My piece has an important interaction with the viewer as well. It turns the viewer and and forces her / him to circulate to view the photos. I looked up the definition of circulation and it said, “1: the movement of blood through the vessels of the body induced by the pumping action of the heart.” I looked for this definition of circulation in nature and I found it in the veins of leaves and roots of trees. The second definition is, “2: FLOW.” I illustrated this with two consecutive photos of a car traveling on a road. It shows the, “flow” of traffic, and displays the way people circulate through the world. My definition I added to Webster’s is “1: cyclical movement implied through aesthetic or literal motion.” I discovered examples of this in tree bark, mushrooms, and a slug.

Here are the photos from my piece:

Here is the completed piece displayed:


Circulation of Energy and Carbon

Veins of a tree

Circulation of Water

Aesthetic Circulation

Path of Circulation or……………………………….. veins of  the journey

Circulation of death and life

Vehicle for human circulation

Merriam Webster defines CIRCULATION as “an orderly movement especially through a circuit; especially : the movement of blood through the blood vessels of the body induced by the pumping action of the heart.” A second definition it gives is, “Passage or transmission from person to person or place to place.”

What does circulation look like? Circulation is a movement or a channel that promotes movement. Circulation  is cyclical. It’s not a line with two endpoints. It’s not a ray with one endpoint attached to an infinite line. If a circuit was to be put in geometric terms it would be either a circle or a sphere. A circle would be where the subject has a single path it follows endlessly. A sphere would be how multiple subjects cross paths in their various routines. A way of looking at water in a cyclical fashion would be the process of liquid water evaporating, condensing and then turning back into a liquid or perhaps a solid in the form of ice, and the process repeating.  An example of water as a sphere would be involving all of the possible outcomes of water, such as freezing, seeping into the ground and becoming ground water, or rain turning into runoff of streams and then flowing into the ocean. It would be water consumed by fauna, flowing through the body and then returning to the ground, where the purification process begins again. All of these path connect however because that are all a part of the cycle of water going through the states of a solid, liquid, or gas.

I chose to run the line from the Field behind Openhym to the very steep hill at Alfred State College. It took about 15 minutes. Running the line changed my experience of it by making it seem more concise. I was able to get a better idea of the line as a whole and the parts in a sequence. It also helped me to concentrate more because I was forced to stay moving and engaged versus walking the line slowly and becoming distracted. Another way running changed my experience of the line was that I had to swerve in and out of the line to avoid trees, roots and other obstacles. I was forced to find a balance between the path of least resistance and staying on the line.

I chose to eat beef jerky while on a tour of my personal territory. It was very similar to any other time except that my senses seemed to be heightened. As I concentrated on the taste of what I was eating, it was salty and the taste was amplified. I could feel the dry, hard texture of the meat and taste the sauce the company had used to flavor it. It changed my experience of my personal territory because taste wasmore predominantly experienced over touch and hearing but sight was still my dominant sense.

Accidental Art

Found fading vertical lines

Found minimalist drawing

Sun Spots

Found grid

Schulz’s Lookout (seating for one provided)

The physical boundaries of my territory are the stump. The visual boundaries are from the farthest branch, reaching to the right of Davis to farthest left branches of the burgundy tree behind Schultz. Below are pictures to illustrate the boundaries. Also I have provided a topographic map. The warmer the color is, the closer the physical feature. The stump is also pictured.

left boundary

Right boundary

topographic right boundary

Topographic left boundary

The best seat in the house!

Places to Mind

Mind trip

After planting yourself firmly on the stump you may wish to go on a journey. Here at Schultz’s Lookout beginning with an internal awareness to heighten the your external experience.  Directions for both will follow. You may do them separately, simultaneously, or alternating or whichever variation you want to create yourself.

To begin the journey inside yourself start by closing your eyes but before you start read all the instructions.

Slow your breathing. Breath deeply and softly. Let your breath move through your body as you start to relax beginning with your toes. Continue breathing as you begin to relax your calves and thighs, letting your breath release any tension. Next, slowly move up to the small of your back, then shoulders, and neck. Relax the muscles in your face, letting go of all tension.

Now that you are aware of your body, begin to journey into the self. How do you feel? Heavy? Light? Peaceful? Is the stump hard? Do you hear anything? What do you taste? What do the backs of your eyelids look like? Do you see darkness? Is so how does it feel to be in dark? How does this place feel? How does your body interact with what’s around you? Are you communing? Is the environment giving you energy? Is it taking energy away? Is it an exchange?

Now open you eyes and appreciate the beauty around you. Look at the trees. It’s still early in autumn but they are beginning to change. Hear the hum of life around you, the passing of cars, the sounds of the wind, maybe some birds. Stay as long as you would like. When you are ready, gently move and leave this place as you have found it.

List of 50 Things I Noticed

  1. I can hear the bell tower.
  2. I can hear a crow.
  3. I hear cars.
  4. There’s a slight breeze.
  5. It’s getting chilly.
  6. I hear crickets.
  7. There’s a bright orange flower to my far right.
  8. The leaves are starting to turn on the trees.
  9. When trucks and large vehicles drive by the sound undulates

10. When a car drives by the sound is more constant.

11. There’re some hot pink flowers on the bush in front of me.

12. Residents threw trash on the grass.

13. The Miller building angles toward the same direction as the viewer is intended to look.

14. There’re some plants below me with gold colored tips.

15. There are also plants with burgundy stalks as well as foliage.

16. The trees to the left of me have already lost their leave.

17. The grass is dense and intensifies the richness of the green coloring.

18. There’re clovers mixed in the grass.

19. There is a thin, fine grass.

20. There’s a thick crab grass.

21. There’re dandelion leaves with no dandelion flowers.

22. There’s a leaf with radial symmetry.

23. The basement well is half rusted away.

24. The flowers below me have already blossomed and are now turning brown.

25. My mouth is dry.

26. The stump I’m sitting on has radial symmetry.

27. The brick extending from Schultz to my left has more brown and is probably old in comparison with

28. The brick behind me that has more red and

29. Has less chips broken off of it.

30. It looks like the red buildings / sheds on the hill far across from me are growing a yellow crop.

31. There’re evergreens mixed in with the deciduous trees.

32. The evergreens are much darker.

33. There’s a red house barely visible above the left corner on the performing arts center.

34. It’s symmetrical and looks as if it’s been folded several times.

35. It’s also much larger than all the other houses in Alfred.

36. There wind is rustling tree branches.

37. There’re also blue-green firs that I didn’t notice before.

38.  The hillside resembles a painting…. Or do the paintings resemble the hillside?

39. I can hear someone bouncing a basketball on the outside of Mclane.

40. The bell tower has begun to play a new song.

41. I just heard a new bird I didn’t notice before. It sounds like it has the hiccups.

42. The rumbling of my stomach is synchronized with the sounds from the engine of a really loud truck.

43. The top of the tree directly in front of me is very green while the edges of the leaves on the side are yellow.

44. The guys playing basketball on the court are now hollering and talking trash.

45. I can now see the truck with the extremely loud engine. It’s navy blue.

46. There’s a leaf to the left that is bright yellow and stands out from the grass.

47. There’s a big pbc pipe sticking out from the building and it has a wire mesh that give a grid to the tree i=on the other side of it.

48. There’s a smaller version of the tree/ brush with peach branches to the left, by the gold-tipped plants.

49. The stadium lighting for Merril field looks like tin coffee cans on top of a pole.

50. There’s a third and fourth hill that extends beyond the first two large ones.